We have often called our system a compilation of firefighter complaints.  Many of our most popular products were engineered and designed because firefighters needed something fixed.  When Westnet developed the Dorm Remote, it was because crews were tired of being awakened all night if they didn’t need to go on the call.  they asked us to provide a solution and we engineered the Dorm Remote, allowing firefighters to only get alerted if their company was needed..

Westnet has teams of both hardware and software design engineers that work exclusively of fire station alerting and dispatching solutions..  If your department needs help with issues you are experiencing, please contact us, as we are eager to help provide a resolution.

All First-In Fire Station Alerting Systems are proudly made in the United States of America.  Stringent quality control standards are applied to all equipment we manufacture and every product must pass Westnet Integration Laboratory Inspections and Engineering Qualifications.  All First-In alerting modules are tested with a minimum of 1,000 successful alerts prior to delivery and installation.