Critical situational awareness tool to meet performance-based recommendations for response times

The First-In Alerting End-Points provide a visual alert of call details on monitors located throughout the fire station. In addition to indicating the company assigned to the call, Alerting End-Points can relay critical incident information such as response level, address, hazardous materials data, medical conditions, highway detours, hydrant status and mass notification incidents such as incidents of national security. At the time of an alert, the Alerting End-Points display a text version of the audio pre-announcement, such as “Brush Truck 2 Response, Wildfire.”

Additionally, Alerting End-Points allow the Dispatch Center, fire headquarters or the communications division to send a nonverbal announcement to all stations with a single command.

Major Features

  • Visual readout of call information
  • Instant recognition of incident specifics
  • Where size up begins

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  dayrooms, apparatus bays and common areas.