The RIC is an advanced activation system that shaves valuable seconds, sometimes minutes, off the backup alerting process


Located in the dispatch center, the First-In Radio Interface Controller (RIC) uses the centers radio system to provide wireless alerting of the fire stations by units, stations or groups.

If within one second, the FiAP does not receive immediate confirmation that the IP alert was successful, it immediately activates the RIC so that there is no delay in alerting the station.

In the event the dispatch network is down, the dispatcher uses the RICs keypad to manually alert the station(s). In the manual backup mode, the RIC still provides station and company-specific alerting.

One RIC can support multiple radio systems and dispatch centers. The RIC System operates on both analog and digital P25 radio systems.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  at the dispatch center.

Major Features

  • Automatic backup alerting
  • Manual backup alerting
  • Compatible with P25 radio systems