Provides two-way audio communications between visitor at the doorbell & station personnel

The First-In IP Video Doorbell provides a video image of the visitor to the Video Doorbell Answering Point inside of the fire station, allowing fire station personnel to see who is at the door. The Video Doorbell can provide keypad or card swipe access to the building. It also provides 2-way audio communications between the visitor at the doorbell and the station personnel at the Video Doorbell Answering Point in the fire station. Station personnel can unlock the door using the Answering Point. The Video Doorbell enhances fire station security through visual identification of station visitors and 2-way verbal communications.

Common Installation location(s)
The Video Doorbell can be typically located at main entrances into the fire station. The Answering Point can be located in the Watch Room or common areas such as Day Rooms. The amount of Video Doorbells is unlimited and a large station can use several depending upon the department needs.

Major Features

  • Installed at any door with public access
  • Real-time, high quality audio and video feed of the visitor
  • Two-way communication to Dispatch if the station crew is out of quarters. This allows Dispatch to send another nearby unit to render aid
  • Card swipe, keypad access and door release for station personnel
  • Firefighters clearly see the visitor before opening the door
  • Provides faster help to someone in need of assistance
Video Doorbell Table