Westnet’s First-In Fire Station Alerting System utilizes a series of remote units placed strategically throughout the fire station to notify fire and EMS personnel of an emergency call in the quickest, safest and most advanced means possible.

The modular design of the First-In Fire Station Alerting System provides public safety agencies with affordable equipment options, which range from basic alerting functions to maximum alerting capability and full control of the fire station. Throughout the following pages, you will see an array of First-In Smart Station® Units specifically designed to reduce response time and minimize firefighter stress levels.

The First-In Fire Station Alerting System provides you with a wide variety of customized alerting methods, design and expansion capabilities, service software, unmatched reliability and unsurpassed technology. Just as each fire department has its own demands, each fire station may have needs unique to the challenges its crews face on a daily basis. A single-company station may only require basic alerting, whereas a multi-company station may need to dispatch several companies at once. As your station’s needs grow and change, your alerting system can easily adapt to your new needs. Get A Quote