The total automation of the dispatch allows the dispatcher to concentrate on incoming emergency calls and supervision of existing incidents

Westnetʼs First-In Automated Voice Dispatching System, (AVD), is an optional, completely automated text-to-speech system that becomes the dispatch voice for the call. This time-saving technology provides dispatchers with a fast and consistent method of transmitting the call over the primary dispatch channel to crews both in and out of quarters.

AVD announces the entire dispatch including units assigned to the call, incident type, address, cross streets, name of the business, tactical channel and more. This advanced technology means that dispatchers can process multiple station calls more quickly.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  dispatch center.

Major Features

  • Announces all call details
  • Consistent tone & enunciation of streets, locations and units
  • Editing software for regional names and places
Associated Products
Simultaneous Dispatch of Multiple Stations Multiple CAD Vendor Interfaces
AVD Manager Editing Software Available in Male and Female Voices
Shortens Call Processing Times Reduces Dispatcher Stress Levels
Aids with Staffing Shortages Assists with High Call Volumes