Alerting made easy with First-In Station Alerting. Our systems feature Automated Voice Dispatch Announcements,
Selective Bedside Alerting, Heart-Friendly Ramping Tones and more!

First-In helps meet NFPA 1221 & 1710, improving firefighter health and safety.
Let us help your station, dispatch center, airport and more with Westnet!

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces Response Times

  • Lowers First Responder Stress Levels
  • Ramped, Heart-Safe Tones & Red Station Lighting
  • Visual Alerting - TV/Video Messages
  • Company-Specific, Bedside Alerting Dorm Remotes
  • Automated Dispatch - Text-to-Speech
  • Multiple Activations - Redundancy
  • Integrates with CAD Systems
  • Network-Based Alerting
  • Email & Text Alerting
  • Pager Alert Notification
  • Modular Design Versatility
  • NFPA Compliant
  • Install in New, Remodeled or Existing Stations
  • Increases Firehouse Safety
  • Environmentally-Friendly LED Lighting

Fire Station Alerting Systems are designed to provide all of the information necessary for crews to respond in the fastest possible manner. We use ramped, cardiac-kind tones and visual display devices located throughout the station to give your crews the key information you need to respond.

Reliable. Dependable. Modular.

Our systems can be scaled for use in any size department. We are widely used in career, volunteer, combination and military department throughout the country.