Interfaces with multiple station systems for automation of the fire station

The First-In Control Remote is used to perform a wide variety of tasks through-out the fire station by using relays to interface other station systems into the alerting system. For fire stations not implementing Smart Station audio and lighting modules, the Control Remote is used to activate a station’s existing lighting and public address systems.

Major Features

  • Opens apparatus bay doors
  • Turns on station lighting including apparatus bay lighting
  • Activates exhaust fans
  • Controls traffic lights
  • Zones a fire station using older public address systems for alerting
  • Opens station security gates

Common Installation location(s)
The Control Remote can be located anywhere in the station where it is needed to control building systems, such as apparatus bays, near public address system controls or near radio equipment.

** The amount of Control Remotes is unlimited and a large station can use several depending upon the department needs.

Control Remote Table
Control Remote Diagram