Multiple switches can be integrated into each station

The First-In Smart Station Alerting System includes a variety of Local Activation Units, including an Acknowledgment Switch, a Visitor Notification Doorbell, an Alert System Test Switch, an Emergency Switch, a Monitor Switch, a Speaker Switch and a Stove Reset Switch. When the Local Activation Units are activated, Smart Station alerting modules send an audio notification that is heard throughout the station via the Satellights, Dorm Remotes and HPAs. Additionally, a visual notification can be displayed on Dorm Remotes and Messengers. All messages can be customized to fire department specifications.

Major Features

  • Doorbell announces throughout all alerting units in the station
  • Emergency Switch is very helpful for walk-up situations at the station
  • Acknowledgement is beneficial for acknowledge the call back to dispatch

Common Installation location(s)
Switches can be places in various locations based on the switch. Such locations include, front door, watch room, conference rooms and the gym.


Switches Table
Switches Diagram