Government standards and requirements mandate superior performance, especially in the realm of life saving public safety and rescue.  Every second counts during an emergency situation and the faster your teams respond, the more lives are saved.  It is time to demand the system capable of reducing response times with rock solid reliability. 

Features & Benefits

  • Simultaneous Alerting of all Facilities

  • Redundant Alerting

  • Battery Back-Up

  • Clear Audio Communications

  • Visual Incident Information

  • Monitored System 

  • Incident Logging and Reports

  • Eliminates Phone Delays

  • Records Crash Phone Conversations

  • Supports External Recorders

  • First-In Station Alerting Systems

  • First-In Dispatching Systems

First-In Digital Aircraft Emergency Crash Phone & Alerting Systems

AES completely eliminates traditional party-line crash phones with a digital system that delivers alerts to all locations at the airport in less than one (1) second.  

The primary touchscreen activation capabilities from the ATCT or Dispatch produces instant visual and verbal notification on an emergency to all response facilities.  

Voice Over IP (VOIP) secondary crash phone system provides communications from the tower to all crash phone locations relaying mission critical details.

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