Quality Assurance

Known as the “best in breed” for its resilient hardware design and exceptional reliability, we put our money where our mouth is. You never lose your investment because we back our hardware for life. No matter the vintage/age of the alerting system you acquired, we want it back! We will buy back your Westnet equipment when you purchase a newer device.

Westnet, Inc. has a long-standing history of providing quality communications products and services to emergency services agencies.  We absolutely understand that the equipment you use for public safety must work when you need it – Lives can depend on it.  Stringent quality control standards are applied to each system prior to shipping, and each system is fully tested in the Westnet Integration Laboratory with the customer’s unique programming.


Westnet proudly backs all its products with a parts and labor warranty.   On-site maintenance and extended warranties are also available.

Service Contracts

Westnet brings our expertise to you, literally.  We offer preventative maintenance services to keep your systems operating at their optimum levels. A typical maintenance program is a comprehensive and tiered response to include 24/7/365 hardware, software, and help desk support.

Our one size doesn’t fit all approach to preventative maintenance is widely popular with our clients. Customers can select from:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Technical Support

These programs can be mixed and matched between dispatch and the fire stations. Some customers select Gold for dispatch and Silver for the fire stations. Others prefer premium service for dispatch and technical support for the station equipment.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

User training is based off the system you purchase.  For more comprehensive systems, Westnet’s “modular” or “scaled” approach applies to training and knowledge transfer so that fire departments can be “First-In on First-In”.

Monitoring Center & Remote Access

We are in lockstep with our customers providing 24/7/365 emergency responses.

Technical support is available from Westnet’s C3 Monitoring Center, whereby the Westnet Systems Group can directly access a station’s alerting system. This customer service provides a collaborative effort between Westnet and department personnel in order to quickly resolve any issues. Westnet, Inc. also maintains a 24-hour dispatch center for immediate assistance.

Customer Portal


The Westnet Customer Service Portal is a website that provides current customers with access to services and information. The Westnet Customer Service Portal is private and secure, requiring log-in by authorized personnel. Our portal allows customers to view all cases, create new cases, close cases, as well as provide and view updates.