Westnet’s First-In Fire Station Alerting System is a zoned notification system utilizing a series of remote alerting modules placed strategically throughout the fire station to notify fire and EMS personnel of an emergency call in the quickest, safest and most advanced means possible.


Fire Station

The First-In Solution/CORE

The First‐ln Fire Station Alerting System is an off the shelf, award winning station alerting suite of products that help reduce response times and meet NFPA recommendations.

Lighting & Audio

Zone station by company with distinctive lighting and audio modules. Instant recognition of unit assignments and self-adjusting dynamic audio…


From Turnout Timers to Alerting End Points, critical information can be displayed throughout the station for situational awareness and the start of size‐up.



The First-In Solution

Reduce call processing and response times with the automation delivered by our proven technologies. Dispatchers can alert all fire stations, no matter the quantity, in less than a second.

Automated Voice Dispatch (AVD)

Receive concise transmission of dispatch audio through our extraordinary Automatic Voice Dispatch technology. Tailor street names specific to your communities customize local business names and more.

Automatic Back-up Alerting

Ensure fire stations receive alerts even in the event of network failures. Automatic wireless back‐up alerting gives you the peace of mind that fire stations have been alerted with our Radio Interface Controller.

Support Services

Station Design

From backbone CORE systems to full Smart Stations using visual alerting, Westnet will help you design a First‐In Fire Station Alerting System to meet your needs of today while planning for your department’s future.


Fire station alerting systems perform an incredibly critical task, sending help to victims who desperately need it. Your department depends upon your alerting system multiple times a day. Don’t leave the installation in the hands of just any local contractor.

Customer Service

While vendors may come and go, Westnet is here to stay. 47 years of experience have proven that reliable products, supported by certified technicians and specialists pave the way for a Customer Service department that supports the longest lasting, best fire station alerting system on the market.


Contract Vehicles

With thousands of installations nationwide and abroad for the United States Military, Westnet has multiple contract vehicles to purchase our First‐In Fire Station Alerting Systems.

Engineering & Design

When you are the leader in an industry, you invent and engineer; the rest just follow. After decades of alerting fire stations and listening to the concerns of firefighters, Westnet continues to design state of the art alerting modules.

Industry News

Situational awareness is key to staying alert to what is happening in the firefighting and EMS communities. Whether it is health and safety trends, station architecture or teachable moments, Westnet is dedicated to being an active vendor to ensure best practices for our clients.