Who We Are

Westnet, Inc. is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California with offices in both Virginia and Florida. Founded in 1975, Westnet has 47 years of public safety communications experience and expertise involving innovative technology combined with rock solid performance. The First-In Fire Station Alerting System was the first completely designed, engineered, manufactured, turnkey, commercial off-the-shelf alerting system available to fire departments across the country.

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Leading the Way

The First-In Alerting System has received national recognition for reducing response times, including two prestigious Air Force Best Practices Awards. The product track record stands strong, the company integrity stands strong and our commitment to First Responders stands strong. Westnet continues to lead the industry in new technologies and is committed to providing best in class fire station alerting.

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World Class

Westnet’s innovative engineering designed First-In with the goal of leveraging the latest technologies to provide solid reliability. Proven performance is unmatched and unrivaled. Westnet’s world class public safety products and services provide reliable systems and solutions for thousands of first responders and millions of citizens.

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Westnet’s sole focus is fire station alerting and First-In is built by people who understand and respect the fire service. They are dedicated to assisting first responders perform their duties and helping each and every one go home to their families at the end of their shift.


Building Excellence

Westnet, Inc. has been providing the fire service with high quality communication products for over two decades. We pride ourselves on building excellent products that public safety personnel can rely upon. Manufacturing first-rate, dependable equipment that lasts has created a strong following of clients who continue to purchase additions to their alerting systems with each passing year. Our alerting and dispatch systems are designed, engineered, manufactured, and made IN THE USA.