IP Alerting of all stations in under one second

The First-In Alerting Platform (FiAP) is the communications gateway for delivering new technology that makes a marked difference in saving lives and property. Call processing and response times are reduced with the automation delivered by the FiAP. Located in the Dispatch Center, the FiAP communicates directly with CAD, providing the dispatcher with a variety of redundant automatic, providing the dispatcher with a variety of redundant automatic and manual alerting options. Once a fire dispatcher commits a call into CAD, the FiAP performs several immediate and simultaneous functions.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  dispatch center.

Major Features

Associated Products
IP Alerting of All Stations in Under One Second Automatic Failover to Wireless Backup (RIC)
Automated Voice Dispatching [c#000000;bg#ffffff]Acts as a Backup to CAD if CAD is down
Call Event History and Logging NFPA 1221 Health Monitoring
Displays the Status of the Alert Displays Network Status of All Stations
Displays Interface Connectivity Status of Multiple Integrated Systems Fast, Manual Alerting of One, Several or All Stations
Performs Special Dispatch Functions & Non-CAD Alerts Ability to Remotely Place Stations In and Out of Monitor Mode
Sends Emergency and Non-Emergency Alerts by Units, Stations or Groups Updates Redundant Servers at Backup Dispatch Center
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