Safety device used to prevent station fires

The First-In Appliance Interface Unit, (AIU), provides control of designated appliances based on zoned alerting.  This unit provides independent controls of up to eight (8) appliances and automatically controls appliance operations based on the company alerted. For example, if the Medics are alerted, but the Engine and Truck companies are still in the station cooking, a countdown occurs before appliance shut-off. The remaining companies get a visual light indication on the Appliance Reset Switch, notifying them of the appliance status. A green light indicates the appliance is in use, a yellow indicates the countdown to shut-off is in progress and the appliance will be turned off unless the Appliance Reset Switch is activated and a red light indicates that the appliance is shut down. If all companies are alerted, the Appliance Interface Unit automatically shuts off the appliance in use to maintain station safety. The AIU controls both electric and gas appliances and the countdown time is determined by the fire department.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located in the kitchen.

Major Features

  • Prevents accidents from a stove left on
  • Works with both the stoves and barbeques
  • Reset Switch for those crews not needed on the call
Appliance Interface Unit Table