Quick, visual indicator of which fire companies are needed on a call

Many fire departments use the First-In Company Indicator, which provides a visual notification of the companies needed on a call.  Using the same color scheme as other First-In visual indicators, such as the Satellight Controllers, the Company Indicator notifies the crew with just a glance at the large lights.

Major Features

  • Easy visual alert notification
  • Useful in high noise areas, such as apparatus bays, cascade rooms and ARFF stations
  • Company specific alerting

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  in apparatus bays between apparatus bay doors for ease of sight.  Can be located in gyms, apparatus bay aprons and virtually any high noise area the fire department feels they need a visual alert

** The amount of Company Indicators is unlimited and a large station can use several depending upon the department needs.

Company Indicator Table
Company Indicators Diagram