Sleep deprivation is a serious problem in the fire service that the Dorm Remotes helps alleviate

The Dorm Remote awakens first responders with low, ramping tones, a soft human voice pre-announcement and Knight Vision Lighting, which provides a red glow of light distributed around the room. From the front panel of each Dorm Remote located in the dormitory, the crew member selects his or her apparatus assignment. For example, a paramedic would program “paramedic” into his or her Dorm Remote when they get on shift. Any alarm that comes in for a paramedic activates all “paramedic” Dorm Remotes. Dorm Remotes programmed for truck, engine or other companies will not activate. This feature allows firefighters not needed on calls to continue sleeping and reduces the common sleep deprivation experienced by firefighters awakened for calls to which they need not respond.

Each Dorm Remote automatically resets in the morning at a time designated by the fire department to an “All Zones” mode. This mode announces all calls until the firefighter sets the Dorm Remote to his or her company and disables all other zones. Automatically returning the Dorm Remote to an “All Zones” mode prevents missed calls in the event a firefighter forgets to program in his or her specific company before going to sleep.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located in individual/ common bunk rooms, dormitories and offices.

Major Features

  • Reduces chronic sleep deprivation
  • Reduces stress when receiving nighttime calls
  • Ramped, cardiac-kind tones and voice
  • Ramped, Knight Vision red lighting for reduced optic shock of white lights
  • Programmable from front panel at each bed or bunkroom
Dorm Remote Table
Dorm Remote Diagram