Responsible for receiving alerts from dispatch and activating all alerting units in the station

The First-In Master Control Unit (MCU) is the heart of the First-In Fire Station Alerting System. Although the final design of each station may vary, all First-In Systems begin with and require the MCU. The MCU receives all alerts sent from the dispatch center. Upon activation from dispatch, the MCU sends a pre-announcement throughout the station, notifying emergency personnel of the assigned company, the nature of the call and the tiered response level required. The MCU can also be equipped with the First-In Automated Voice Dispatch™ (FiAVD) option, which is a fully automated text-to-speech function that auto-matically announces units assigned to the call, nature of the emergency, the incident address and any additional call information.

The MCU communicates the pre-announcement and dispatch information through the First-In Smart Station alerting modules in this catalog, producing both an audible and visual notification of the alert. For stations which do not utilize Smart Station alerting modules, the MCU activates the station’s existing lights and public address systems.

The MCU has several ways in which it can be activated. All methods can be used as a primary means of activation or a back-up method, providing many layers of redundancy.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  in watch rooms, telecom rooms, communications and IT rooms.

Major Features

  • Ramped Tones
  • Pre-Announcement
  • NFPA 1221 Compliant

Master Control Unit (MCU) Video

Master Control Unit Table
Master Control Unit