With a quick glance at the Satellight Controller, the crew knows immediately who is needed on the call


The First-In Satellight Controllers and are installed throughout the fire station to perform the dual purpose of providing the alerting audio and visual notification of the call. When the station is alerted, the Satellight Controller verbalizes both the pre-announcement and dispatch audio. In addition, the Satellight Controller activates a company-specific colored light indicator. For example, when an alert comes in for paramedics, the Satellight Controller pre-announces “Medic Response” and the blue light indicator activates, visually signaling a Medic Response. The Satellight is driven off of the Satellight Controller and functions as a clone.

Major Features

  • Provides alerting audio and visual notification of the call
  • Colored lights immediately tell responders which units are being dispatched
  • An integrated, ambient noise sensing speaker for self-adjusting, clear audio
  • Built-in Knight Vision red lighting for night illumination in dark corridors

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  in hallways, bathrooms, dayrooms, kitchens, and common areas when alert audio is required.

First-In Satellight Controller Video

Satellight Controllers
Satellight Controllers