Mapping End Point

The First-In Mapping End Point (MEP) is one of the many visual indicating services offered in the Westnet 911 Services Software Suite.  The Mapping End Point displays incident response information when the station is alerted and non-emergency administrative information when the station is in a non-alert status.  MEP provides a multitude of information in once quick glance at the screen including, but not limited to:

    • Map of incident from Fire Station
    • Location Address
    • Radio Channel
    • Acknowledgement Buttons
    • Activity Log
    • Turnout Times
    • Call Details
    • Map/Box #
    • Active Calls into Fire Department
    • Real-time weather conditions

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located in apparatus bays, hallways and dayrooms.

Major Features

  • Touch Zoom In/Out
  • Acknowledgement of call
  • Available in multiple display sizes
  • Available for individual stations or department wide
  • Helps disseminate critical department information
  • Instant communications push to all stations