Provides lighting throughout the station for path of travel

The First-In Knight Light System is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly dual mode lighting system. At a time designated by the fire department, the MCU automatically activates the Knight Light System each evening and places it into the “Non-Alert Mode”. In the “Non-Alert Mode”, the Knight Light illuminates dark hallways and stairwells with a white glow of light. Light sensors in the Knight Light System cause it to activate during the daytime hours if station lighting levels become low. If the station loses power, the Knight Light System will automatically activate and provide station lighting until the generator starts or normal power is restored. Unless otherwise programmed by the department, the MCU deactivates the Knight Light System the next morning.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located in hallways and stairwells.

Major Features

  • Reduces station operating costs
  • Provides red egress lighting
  • Uses energy efficient LED technology
knight light system table
Knight Light System Diagrams