Alerting speaker with red lighting and company indication


The First-In Satellight Controllers and Satellights are installed throughout the fire station to perform the dual purpose of providing the alerting audio and visual notification of the call.. When the station is alerted, the Satellight Controller verbalizes both the pre-announcement and dispatch audio. In addition, the Satellight Controller activates a company-specific colored light indicator. For example, when an alert comes in for paramedics, the Satellight Controller preannounces “Medic Response” and the blue light indicator activates, visually signaling a Medic Response. With a simple glance at the Satellight Controller company indication lights, the crew knows immediately  who is needed on the call. The necessary companies can begin responding instantly, reducing turnout time and overall response time.

An additional feature of Satellight Controllers & Satellights is Knight Vision Lighting. Firefighters were traditionally awakened with harsh, white lights when a night alarm sounds. Knight Vision Lighting provides a low intensity red glow, which gradually becomes brighter during the alarm sequence. Rather than waiting for their eyes to adjust to the bright lights, or risk injury from an inability to see clearly, Knight Vision Lighting allows sleepy firefighters to safely maneuver through the station and into the apparatus bays while preserving their night vision.

The Satellight Controllers and the Satellights function both as fire station alerting and public address speakers. Existing public address speakers can remain in place as a backup source of dispatch audio, or can be completely removed from the station.  Satellights function as a clone to the Satellight Controller.

Common Installation location(s)
Commonly located  in hallways, bathrooms, dayrooms, kitchens, and common areas when alert audio is required.

Major Features

  • Red Knight Vision lighting
  • Built-In company indication
  • Driven by Satellight Controller
Satellite Table