Deploying a new fire station alerting system isn’t something you do every year and it’s important to plan for the future. Whether you are building a new fire station or need to upgrade an antiquated alerting system, Westnet is here to help throughout the process. Our team of subject matter experts in engineering, information technology, dispatch, radio, installation and customer service will assist you before, during and after installation. Our Approach is global. We are with you through the entire project and support you for years to come.


Westnet will work with you in exploring what equipment your department needs to meet operational and response time goals. Our team of system designers will assist you in establishing station design criteria that fits your departments present and future requirements. Our procurement team will provide you detailed pricing and purchasing information.


Installation of a new fire station alerting system varies from station to station based upon several different factors including age and construction of the building. Our certified installation teams have years of experience installing First-In both nationally and abroad. We don’t believe that front line public safety communications systems should be installed by anyone who can pull a cable or use a drill. Our installers are certified, vetted and veterans of our turnkey First-In Fire Station Alerting System.


Once First-In is installed and training is complete, it is important to maintain this critical information system so that you benefit from years of superior operation. Once our standard warranty expires, we will work with you to design a maintenance plan that makes sense for your team. This can range from simple phone support to comprehensive, on-site technical support. Westnet runs a 24/7/365 help desk to assist departments for any dispatch or station issues.